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• 11/27/2017

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• 7/28/2015

RP Chat Party!

Ok i love fanon wiki and create your own characters and places and its so fun. I also love Frozen and I love that on fanon wiki's everyone isnt afraid to let their creativity burst out. So I used to be on this fanon wiki and they had this thing when they would roleplay i Live! Chat. It works like this...
Now people arrange to go into Chat at this certain time. Now what you do is you can role play as any fanon or non fanon character. There's rules though for starters you can only role play fanon characters you created (if not get permission by the person who created him/her). You would also have to decide before the role playing starts who will be the non fanon charcters from the Frozen movie and short. Then you can be Elsa and (inser your own fanon character). You can roleplay as more than one character. Like you can make your own fanon characters have a discussion and stuff.
A big part of role playing is where it starts off so you have to decide if it opens in Arrendelle or Southern Isles before the game. Don't worry your character can have a mean while. 
That's basically how it works you can roleplay as any of your fanon characters more than 1 and have a RP with other people and their fanon characters. 
So i'm hosting and RP Party.
July 30th
1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time
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• 3/11/2015

my stories

another thing that i need to explain is that with frozen, i only ship and write about ElsAnna and nothing else. if i am given the permission to write my story with that (ElsAnna) setting, then i can briefly explain why i do not like other ships. please, let me contribute to this site with my favoured and only category. i await anyones permission before starting my first story/series. if it is not given, then i can do nothing further.
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• 3/11/2015

the standard

are there any standards in which a story must reach? a specific reply plz. that would be helpful as i would like to do my best to aid this website with all i can since i cant go online very often.
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• 2/26/2015

Adoption of the wiki

Hi all!
I was directed, after asking to adopt the wiki, to begin a discussion, as there have been a few active users floating around.
Simply put, there are no active admins or bureaucrats on this wiki. They are needed to delete certain pages, rename and move images, and other functions. I would like to complete organising this wiki, and to do so requires these rights.
If anyone has any questions or concerns, please leave them below. Due to the fact that there are some active users, I need your support in order to gain these rights.
Thank you!
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• 5/25/2014

Story Writing Contest For ALL Users!

Hello everyone! It's Bella. I'm so happy to see this wiki progressing and seeing all you users' stories and ideas. Since everybody seems to have their creative juices flowing, we might as well have a story writing contest! Now. I wanna make one topic and I want to see your sides, opinions, and creativity. Now let's get to it. 

Make a romantic comedy with a Frozen character and another character from a different Disney movie (cannot be Frozen).

Take ANY Frozen character (male or female) and put it with a different Disney character (male or female) from another movie (ONLY Disney movies).
Include romantic and comedic writing in the story. 
Get your story posted in the "What's New?" section on the fanon wiki and the regular wiki. 
Have your story become Story of the Month.
More prizes may be given.
To submit your story, write it in a blog post and post the blog post link in the comments of this forum post. I will read through it and comment on it so you know that I have read it. 
I can not wait to see what stories you guys got in mind. Your deadline is on June 7th. Till then, get working and start writing!
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• 2/8/2014


Hi everyone, I'm a new user of this wiki and I'll help here as I'm still helping on one of the frozen wikis.
Bella told me to announce this:
I created Template:Characters for you so you can put them to your character articles
Thank you!
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