Princess Émilie of Minandius
Background information
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Grey DeLisle
Performance model
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Character information
Full name Princess Émilie LeRoux of Minandius
Other names Émilie
Personality Elegant, Regal, Kind, Intelligent
Birthday 11/04
Occupation Princess.
Goal To become queen and master her powers
Home Minandius
Relatives King and Queen of Minandius, Aurora of Minandius
Allies Elsa and Anna of Arendalle
Powers and abilities Gemstones and creating jewels
Weapons her powers

 Princess Émilie of Minandius is a princess with powers to create and manipulate Gemstones and Jewels.


Émilie has long platinum blonde hair that trail down her shoulders and stops at the chest area. Her eyes her wide and violet coloured (sometimes mistakenly coloured blue). Her dress is made from a beutiful silky fabric and starts out with a light red colour then fades into a golden topaz yellow then back into a bright ruby red and she wears blue crystal shoes.


Émilie was born in the french kingdom of Minandius and when she turned three her parents adopted a little baby girl called 'Aurora', this was also the time she found out about her powers. Unlike Anna and Elsa the accident never happened so the family would be happy together most of the time.

When she became 18 her father became very sickly and died, so her mother had to rule over but she too was getting old so the queen sent her to the University of Arendalle to train to become the future queen of the country.

During her early days she became close friends with her room mate, Elsa and was one of Elsa only friends. 

After the Snow Queen's triumph and the restoration of Arendalle she continued studying and is in her last year. About a month after Elsa becomes queen, Aurora bursts into Émile's home in Arendalle and shows her a ball of light forming from her hands not understanding why, she soon identifies it as light powers. Émilie finishes her years at the university and goes back home to find Aurora gone.

She is now on a quest to find her lost sister and bring her back.