Alice Bojanus
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Character information
Full name Alice Eliza Bojanus
Other names Ally (Nickname)
Personality Extremely Shy, caring, stubborn, clumsy, and can be very mischievous
Appearance Platinum blonde hair, ice blue eyes, a little shorter then the usual height of a 7 year old, usually wears a light blue dress with a dark blue strip in the middle, light blue shoes, red socks and a light blue hairband. Frost usually makes it's way on to certain parts of her clothes, even though she tries to stop it
Birthday 21st Of December (The Winter Solstice)
Goal Originally To Become a Musician, then to Find her Family, then to hopefully be adopted by a new Loving Family
Home In Frankenton with her Family
Relatives John (Papa)

Julie (Mama)
George (Older Brother)
Timothy (Younger Brother)

Powers and abilities Snow and Ice Powers
Quote "When Life gives you music, you either listen, or join in"

WARNING! Spoilers Ahead!

"When Life gives you music, you either listen, or join in!"

Alice Eliza Bojanus(Pronounced Bow-Jan-Us) is one of the main characters in the The Three Young Adventurers series

Background InformationEdit

When Alice was just a baby, her Family discovered her powers, but never told anyone in fear of being executed, as Magic was outlawed in Frankenton

While Alice was growing up, she was strickly told Not to use her powers either outside of the house, or when others were around, though she protested as she wanted others to know of her gift, she understood when her Parents told her what would happen if others found out

However, during the middle of July, the Captain of the Royal Guard, named Sebastian, found out about Alice's Powers, and sent some Knights to capture her and her family. Alice ran from the Knights with her brothers, and ended up cornered at a cliffside. In order to hopefully keep her brothers safe, Alice jumped into the ocean, and fell unconscious as she drifted off, and somehow ended up in Arendelle.

To Be Expanded...


Alice is extremely shy, but is also loving and caring, and can be very protective. Alice can be very stubborn at times, and she is quite clumsy, and although she may not seem like it, and doesn't show it a lot, she has a very mischievous side, which can most the time end up getting her in trouble


Alice has Platinum Blonde hair, icey blue eyes, and is a little shorter than the usual height of a 7 year old. She usually wears a light blue dress with a dark blue strip in the middle, and light blue shoes (Like mini heels without the huge heels) If not, she wears normal light blue shoes and red socks. Alice also tends to wear a light blue hairband, to keep her hair from covering her eyes.

Although she tries her best to stop it, Frost always seems to makes it's way onto certain parts of her clothing, and is usually on the right side of her (Her right, our left). No matter what Alice does however, she can never seem to stop the frost or get rid of it

Voice Actor(s)Edit

Who Alice's voice actor would be is currently unknown


  • Alice owns a flute, which her family gave her one year on her Birthday. Since then, she has learnt to play the flute
  • Alice knows how to play a few songs on her flute by heart
  • Randomwords247 accidentally forgot Alice's ears while drawing her profile picture, and made her face too round