Alvis, as he appears in The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain
Vital statistics
Other names The voice in my head (by Andreas)
Nationality None
Gender None (programmed to be male
Age 297
Birth Unknown
Physical attributes
Allies Idun

Ravius(formerly) Anna Elsa Olaf Andreas Asle Annika Marshmallow Kristoff Arvid Padraic Beatrix

Enemies Ravius


Portrayed by TBC
First appearance The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain

Alvis is an Artificial Intelligence, created by Pabbie to be the guardian of the Forbidden Troll Magic. A spirit imprisoned within the Crystal Ball, After Ravius was banished, the crystal ball, along with Alvis, was supposedly destroyed, though Iduna secretly kept it locked underground in Arendelle Castle.

Personality Edit

While Alvis can be serious when he sees it necessary, he is often friendly and fun-loving. When Ravius and Iduna found him as children, he became close friends with them, becoming greatly upset when Ravius betrays Idun.

Despite Ravius' claims that Alvis is little more than a lifeless system designed to protect the magic, Alvis possesses many emotions, including an extremely complex form of Autophopia. This is shown when he is made nervous and saddened when Iduna locks the crystal ball, with him inside it, in the castle.

He also cares deeply for both Ravius and Iduna, for he speaks about not wanting to kill the former, and is initially overjoyed when he meets Elsa(whom he initially mistakes for Iduna with her coronation hairstyle).

After hearing of Iduna's death, Alvis swears loyalty to Elsa and Anna, promising to serve and protect them as he did their mother.

Trivia Edit

  • Concept art for Alvis resembles both Ultron and the Vision from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. The final version seems to resemble Star-Lord's helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Originally, Alvis' body was to be composed out of ice, but due to the amount of sharp edges and detail(which were not deemed suitable for a protagonist), Alvis' design was changed to a smoother, mostly snow body.
  • It is currently unknown who will voice Alvis.
  • Throughout the story, Alvis tricks Elsa's snowmen, one-by-one, into helping him build a body for himself out of snow.
    • He mainly does this by possessing them with his mind-control abilities.
  • When he is imprisoned within the Crystal Ball, Alvis becomes close friends with the snowmen, despite not even knowing their names. He gives each of them a nickname.
    • He refers to Andreas as "the small one"
    • Olaf's nickname is "carrot nose"
    • Marshmallow is "the giant one"
    • Asle is "the naive one"
    • Due to the fact that he isn't seen interacting with Beatrix, her nickname, if any, will not be shown.

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