Andreas is a small snowman introduced in The Snow Queen: A Perfect day and The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain. He is voiced by Sebastian Stan.

Andreas finished
Andreas, as he appears in The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain.
Vital statistics
Other names Snowgie #0137(by Olaf)
Gender Male
Physical attributes
Height 10inches
Weight Unknown
Hair color None
Eye color Black
Allies Elsa

Anna Olaf Asle Marshmallow Beatrix

Enemies Ravius Cravendorff


Portrayed by Sebastian Stan
First appearance The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain

Concept art of Andreas, in his Snowgie form(right) and his finished form(left).

Origin Edit

One day, Elsa caught a cold. When she sneezed, she created small, miniature snowmen, called "Snowgies". As Olaf, Beatrix and Marshmallow played with their "little siblings", one of the Snowgies, the 137th one created to be exact, was constantly ignored by the others. Olaf tried to befriend the little misfit, whom he called "0137", but the Snowgie ran away.

As Elsa and Anna built a new snowman together, the lonely Snowgie saw the finished snowman and, not knowing that it was lifeless, tried to get it's attention. After much effort, the Snowgie accidentally knocked the snowman over, causing it to fall to pieces. Hiding as Anna and Elsa looked at the damaged snowman, the Snowgie watched as Elsa rebuilt it, naming the female snowman "Asle". As she did this, a small bit of magic found the Snowgie and knocked him unconscious. As the Snowgie woke up he discovered that the magic has given him stick-arms and twigs for hair.

Going to find the other snowmen, the lonely Snowgie encountered the other Snowgies and realized that he had grown to ten inches tall. As Olaf greeted the Snowgie, everyone(including the Snowgie) were shocked when he spoke, saying "I is Snowgie 0137!"

Feeling that Snowgie 0137 no longer suited the snowman, Asle decided to name the Snowgie "Andreas", a name that the Snowgie liked very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Johnpatgillespie has confirmed that Andreas' speech patterns develop as the story of "A Perfect day" progresses, due to him being taught by Asle.
    • He will start life with an inarticulate, slightly shoutey voice. eg. saying "I is.." instead of "I am..." and "you is.." instead of "you are.."
    • Later, he speaks slightly better, but always speaks in third person. eg. "Andreas happy that Asle here to help" and "if bad man hurt Anna, Andreas kill him!"
    • Finally, when the second story begins, he will speak perfect English (or Norwegian, considering where the story takes place), and becomes a talented singer.
  • Andreas is voiced by Sebastian Stan.