Anna and Elsa is a fanon upcoming movie premiering December 2015. It's apart of a special thing Disney Channel did as Disney Channel stars as Disney characters. It is currently still in development with Disney Channel.

Overview Edit

Sisters Anna and Elsa learn about being yourself along with there friends Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and a new character called Luther the nephew of Oaken.

Narration Edit

The story is narrated by Princess Anna (Rowan Blanchard). Anna tells the story to the viewers in the beginning, end, and at random parts in the story.

Plot Edit


Cast Edit

Main Edit

  • Rowan Blanchard - Princess Anna
  • Sabrina Carpeter - Queen Elsa
  • Peyton Meyer - Kristoff Bjorman
  • Corey Fogelmanis - Luther (Oaken's nephew)
  • Josh Gad (Voice) - Olaf

Other Edit

  • Ben Savage - Kai
  • Danielle Fishel - Gerda
  • August Maturo - Ingo (Village boy)
  • TBA - Oaken

Songs Edit

  • Vuelie (Reprise) - Cast


Trivia Edit

  • This TV movie featured criticism do to Sabrina Carpeter, Rowan Blanchard, and Peyton Meyer being much younger than how old Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff actually are.
  • This is the first time Disney Channel did a TV movie with Disney Channel stars playing Disney Characters
  • This was originally going to be a 30 minute TV special
  • Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel's characters were originally not going to be in the movie
  • Ben Savage was originally going to play Oaken
  • The songs were written by the original song writers of Frozen
Sabrina Carpeter

Sabrina Carpenter as Queen Elsa the Snow Queen