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Arthur Pendragon
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Performance model
Inspiration King Arthur
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Character information
Full name Arthur Pendragon
Other names Soon-to-Be King
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Prince of Camelot
Affiliations Arendelle
Home Albion, Camelot
Allies Elsa, Anna
Enemies Mordred
Powers and abilities
Weapons Caliburn

"Greetings m'lady, I am Prince Arthur from Camelot."
— Arthur to Elsa during the coronation.

Prince Arthur Pendragon is main character in the Arthurian Tales, and the prince originating from Camelot, far to the north seas in Great Britian. He's known in most of the world for pulling the mystical sword Caliburn from the stone, which said that those who pulled it out will become the king of Camelot. After pull the sword, he'd was revealed by Merlin to be the son of Uther Pendragon. Since his conception as prince, he was told by King Uther to visit the festival in Arendelle to form a close over seas alliance.


Early LifeEdit

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

Before Arthur was born to king Uther Pendragon and Ygrayne of Cornwall in the mid 5th century. His mother before being with Uther was the wife of Gorlois of Tintagel, Duke of Cornwall. When they visited Camelot, King Uther fell madly in love with Ygrayne, and soon attempted to force court her in Camelot. However, she refused and quickly told her husband. Soon after being informed, Gorlois and Ygrayne left the kingdom without being told leave.

This gave the excuse of war by King Uther against the Duke. Uther then asked Merlin to help him enter the Castle of Tintagel, and soon the Wizard had made potions that turned Uther into Gorlois. As the Duke, Uther was able to enter the castle and into the bedchambers of Ygrayne and slept with her. As it soon turns out, Gorlois was killed at his castle at that same night.

Soon after the war, Ygrayne is then courted to King Uther. However, after knowing Arthur wont be as strong as he'd liked. He then asked Merlin again in aid. However, in return, he wishes for Arthur and that his identity and birth a secret. Accepting the offer, when Arthur was born, Merlin took the newborn away from Ygrayne, and soon Merlin gave him to Ector at his estate and raised him with Kay like his own son.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit



Master-Level Combat Skill: During his training, he has shown to have combat skill beyond your average human. Not only he is able to take on more then 20 humans at a time, he can single handily take on various magical and mystical creatures with Caliburn all on his own.

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