Arvid, as he appears in The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain
Vital statistics
Other names Lord Arvid

Mr Music Man(by Andreas)

Nationality Arendelle
Gender Male
Age 43
Physical attributes
Height 1.90 meters
Weight Unknown
Hair color Blonde, wears white wig
Eye color Green
Allies Queen Iduna

King Adger Elsa Anna Kristoff Annika Olaf Beatrix Marshmallow Andreas Asle Padraic Alannah Alvis

Enemies Ravius


Portrayed by Paul Bettany
First appearance The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain
Arvid is the conductor of the Royal Musicians of Arendelle, and a trusted advisor to Queen Iduna and later her daughters Anna and Elsa. He first appears in The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain and is voiced by Paul Bettany.

Role in the story Edit

Though Arvid himself makes no appearance in The Snow Queen, it is mentioned by Padraic in the sequel that Arvid let them use his musicians for target practice.

Arvid will play a supporting role in Mystery of Doomsday Mountain, where he will help Anna and Elsa in their battle with Ravius Cravendorff.

Personality Edit

A musical genius, Arvid is rather eccentric and exciteable. Though he has faith in his musicians' talent, he is more than willing to let Anna practice archery on them.

He is always polite to others, calling them "sir" or "ma'am", or sometimes putting "Miss" or "Master" before their names, including the snowmen.

He was loyal to Queen Iduna before her death, and has carried on that loyalty to her daughters, Anna and Elsa.

Trivia Edit

  • Arvid is similar to the character J.A.R.V.I.S from the Iron Man films, which also star Ravius' actor Robert Downey Jr.
    • Both are voiced by Paul Bettany
    • Both characters have "arvi" in their names, being J-arvi-S and Arvi-d respectively.
    • Both call their masters "sir"
    • Both characters are loyal to others, and have quite sarcastic tones in their voices.
  • Under his wig, Arvid has short blonde hair, similar to his actor Paul Bettany.
  • Arvid's formal wear is actually a recolored version of Hans' wear from the first film.