Ashley the Penguin's Adventures in Arendale
Creator NLG343
Genre Adventure
Rating G
Language English
Run September 14, 2014 -
Author NLG343



  • Ashley the Penguin
  • Austin the Penguin
  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Olaf
  • Kristoff
  • Sven
  • Hans (In "Legends of the Ice Monster")
  • Perry the Puffle


  • Professor Duke .X. Snowington
  • Duke of Welseton (rarely)
  • Ice Giant the Ice Monster
  • Hans (Episode 6-Maybe later)

More coming soon


Season 1Edit

  • Into the Past
  • Snow Blizzard Comes
  • Journey Down the Earth
  • The Search of the Ancient Temple
  • Meeting Oaken
  • The Journey That Continues
  • Legends of the Snow Monster
  • The Mountainfall
  • Something Lurks In The Fountains Above
  • Into Elsa's Palace
  • Someone Snowfall the Way Comes
  • The Lady in the White Dress
  • Advice For the Future
  • The Journey Back Home
  • Summer Cured
  • Kristoff's Secret

Season 2:Trails of the PastEdit

  • Back To the Real Home
  • The Blizzard Continues
  • Everything That's OK
  • Frozen Heart
  • A Special Glow from Woodlock Cave
  • Freeze-Locked
  • In the Midle of Wesseltown