Beatrix, as she appears in The Snow Queen
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 2ft 5 inches
Eye color Black
Allies Elsa(creator)

Marshmallow(brother) Olaf(brother) Anna(friend)

Enemies Duke of Weselton


Portrayed by Christina Applegate
First appearance The Snow Queen
Beatrix is a fanon character created by johnpatgillespie and a supporting character in The Snow Queen. A female snowman, Beatrix was created by Elsa during the eighteen years she lived alone on the North Mountain. She serves as Elsa's older sister/motherly figure, and is good friends with her brothers Marshmallow and Olaf. She is voiced by Christina Applegate.

Personality Edit

Beatrix is a German name meaning "she who brings happiness", which suits Beatrix quite well. Beatrix is usually kind, joyful and often trying to help people. This is shown when she encourages Elsa to spend one day outside in Arendelle. However, sometimes she is shown to consider Olaf, Marshmallow and herself to be annoying and or boring, such as when Olaf suggests Elsa may be sick, she says "if listening to us for nearly twenty years hasn't made her sick, I don't know what will"