Series Hans' Revenge
Chapter One
Written by MaddieRiley and Chandlerscout
Airdate March 31, 2015
Rating G

"Elsa! Wake up!" I called to my half-awake older sister.

"What, Anna?" she asked me sleepily.

"You have to get up! We have things to do! Stuff's going on!" I exclaimed, as she pulled her blanket over her head, "c'mon!"

"Anna, I'm tired!" Elsa whined.

I pulled her pillow out from under her head.

"Anna! Hey!" My older sister exclaimed.

"Come on!" I called for the second time.

"Ok, fine. As long as you say the magic word," she replied.

"Please," I said.

She began to get up from her bed. "What time is it?"

"Um, seven o'clock," I replied simply.

She made her bed and got ready for breakfast. We had pancakes. In the middle of breakfast, our royal- mailman delivered a message. I wondered who it was from.

"This is for you, ma'am," Kailey said, handing me an envelope.

"Thank you!" I chirped.

I began to read. It said:

Dear Anna,

I'm back on vacation. I needed a break from scooping horse droppings. I have been thinking about you and your sister and I've been wondering "how can I get revenge on them?" so I came up with a brilliant plan, and also got my brothers in on it.


Hans Westergaard

P.S. Bonus if you fall out of your chair.

After I read that note, I actually did fall out of my chair. After that, all I remember is waking up in my bed, with an ice pack on my head, and Elsa and Kristoff sitting on the side of my bed.

"You okay?" Kristoff asked, concerned.

"Yes, I'm fine," I said as I started to get out of my bed, "whoa!"

I fell down on the itchy carpet of my room and banged the back of my head on my dresser.

"Okay, it's not time for you to get out of bed yet," Elsa said, helping me up.

"Why am I in here, anyway?" I asked, confused.

"You fell out of your chair after reading Hans' note," Elsa explained as she pulled my green blanket up to my chin. I noticed her flinch while saying his name.

"Oh yeah. Hans," I said sourly, remembering my past experiences, which were bad, with him.

"Try to get some rest. I have to go check on Olaf," Elsa said softly.

"Bye, Anna," Krisroff waved.

Ugh, I thought, rubbing the back of my head, this is going to be a rough day...