Lieutenant Dirk Collin
Vital statistics
Nationality The Southern Isles
Gender Male
Age 25 (HatMV)
Physical attributes
Hair color Honey blond
Eye color Sea blue
First appearance Hans and the Maiden Voyage

"What is the phrase? Dead men tell no Tales?"
— Lieutenant Collin betrays Hans

Lieutenant Dirk Collin is a central character in the prequel novel Hans and the Maiden Voyage. He is Hans Westergaard's former love interest and commanding officer.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

When Hans first meets the lieutenant, Dirk lives up to the archetype of "an officer and a gentleman;" Honourable, chivalrous, well-read, and a consummate professional. He treats everyone with respect and sympathy, even criminals. Dirk also shows an adventurous streak, as he shows interest in tales of mermaids and magical artifacts.

However, Dirk eventually reveals his true nature: Self-centred, entitled, and arrogant. He stubbornly believes that he has earned the rank of captain despite his young age and lack of experience, and nurses a grudge against the "stupid, old men" who denied him an immediate senior rank. Dirk holds the advancement of his career above all else, to a point where he was willing to enact a mass attack that would kill his crew as well as the pirates of the Leviathan, with the intention of returning to the Southern Isles as a heroic survivor.

Appearance Edit

Dirk is described as "perfect in profile." He is tall, handsome and muscular, and has sun-kissed skin from years at sea. His hair is honey blond and tied in a ponytail, and his eyes are deep greenish-blue, a colour compared to the sea by various people.

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The Maiden Voyage Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Dirk is named after Edvard Collin, a friend of Hans' namesake, Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen was in love with Collin, but his feelings went unspoken and unrequited. This references Hans' attraction to Dirk, and their ultimate falling out.