Elsa's Adventure
Writer Anonymous
Date April 7, 2014
Rating G

Elsa's Adventure, Written by Macey Edit

Please take a moment to read this story written by my little sister, who is a big fan of Frozen.


  • Elsa
  • Anna
  • Olaf
  • Kristoff

New CharactersEdit

  • Holly - <small>(Elsa's friend)</small>


Elsa and her friend play outside in the town. Anna and Krist-off kiss in the castle and smile at each other.

Anna bought Krist-off a sled then Elsa made an ice rink. All Elsa, Anna and Krist off stannd by each other.

"Hey, lets go the Aslaska and make a ice castle.!" said elsa. "I'm in" says everyone

They arrive aslaska, Elsa froze Alaska and went missing. Anna went to find her. She seen a funny looking boy named kirstoff and his horse. An old man foud else adf told her about anna she wasn't shocked. Anna fell in cold water and saw hot fire Anna

whent to the hot fire.

when Anna got thre she met a man called oloff oloff had a brown horse whit him Anna started to ster at oloff so did oloff.

the horse thort that they whre in love and oloff fell on anna anna said this is awkward.

Anna said I better go and find Elsa oloff said shall I give you a lift  anna said yes oloff said whre are you gowing to the ice castle anna and  oloff  head  Elsa siging  anna said  this way.

Anna saw the ice castle.

Elsa  was singing   let it go. Elsa sees a rocky mountion and decides to make a new castle with her powers. Then, she sees a man standing it's Oaken outside his shop.

"Wooh big summer blow out" said Oaken

"No i'm fine, Mr

"call me Oaken, do you want a job in my shop?"asks Oaken

"Yes please" says Elsa smiling Elsa said has another girl past here no