Emilia is royalty in the kingdom of Astanad once one of the most precious mining locations in all the lands. She possesses the ability to control fire and heat. Her life is filled with tragedy and despair, this led to her powers destroying her own kingdom. After this she became a dark witch by the new name Fire Queen.

Biography Edit

Emilia was born to the King and Queen of Astanad. Throughout most of her life she was a happy princess, and had no idea of the inner power she possessed. When she was 9 her family took a vacation to their summer house when their carriage was ransacked. They were forced out and held hostage. Her father tried to defend them but died, afterwards Emilia's mother tried to save him but was killed as well. Emilia was left to grieve her parents while the robbers see what treasures they could steal. With witnessing her parents death she had discovered an anger she had never known and so she unlocked her inner fire. With this new ability she obtained she incinerated the robbers and burned a portion of the forest to the ground. She was taken back to the palace by a search party. Since that day Emilia tried to control her power through anger and through this she found enlightenment. But with her parents gone she was raised by people who did not view her as a capable leader, so they shunned her. This caused her to be lonely for many years to come. When the time of her coronation came she became the queen of her kingdom but during the celebration she was nearly assassinated by her own advisors so they could cease the kingdom. After this Emilia became so enraged that she burnt down her own kingdom. When it was done all she could see was ash and cinder. She fell into a depression and chose to be isolated from the world.

Some of the kingdom's people survived and traveled great distances to escape the internal summer. One day a snowman named Olaf found one of the survivors; he told Olaf of the internal summer which made him happier than ever before this caused him to rush off and inform his friends about this discovery.