Emma's School of Four Seasons
Creator Frozenheartletitgo
Genre Mystery
Rating G
Language English
Run July 29, 2014 -
Author Frozenheartletitgo

Synopsis Edit

Emma's School of Four Seasons is a story where Princess Anna and Queen Elsa must go to the school to help solve its mysteries. Can Anna and Elsa find the lost magic in time, or will they be locked in the Catacombs forever?

Plot Edit

Two years after the events of Frozen, Anna and Elsa get a letter inviting them to the Winter Ball at Emma's School of Four Seasons. At the ball, Headmaster Emma invites them to become students of her school, and they accept. After the ball, they are accepted into the school and start learning about the long-lost magic of the Four Seasons. Anna and Elsa get lost and start searching for the magic, only getting them cursed! Anna and Elsa get sent to thee Catacombs, where they find Emma's true nature. Can they stop Emma and break the curse?

Characters Edit

Queen Elsa: Co-Protagonist

Princess Anna: Co-Protagonist

Headmaster Emma: Main Antagonist

Luna: Deuteragonist

Jayden: Secondary Antagonist

Lord Kristoff: Tritagonist

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: Wedding Bells

Chapter 2: The Winter Ball Invitation

Chapter 3: Journey through the Mountains

Chapter 4: Celebration

Chapter 5: First Day of School

Chapter 6: The History Lesson

Chapter 7: Lost

Chapter 8: Curse of the Four Seasons

Chapter 9: True Side of Emma

Chapter 10: How to Melt an Ice Queen

Chapter 11: Freed

Chapter 12: The Jade Ball

Chapter 13: Return to Arendelle

Locations Edit

Arendelle Castle



Emma's School of Four Seasons


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