Amber is the sister of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

She is owned by Cloudpuffs.


She is independent and mindful, so she's aware of people knowing about her powers, which they eventually found out. She's peaceful as long as someone doesn't make her mad, like hurting her sisters and taunting her but if she get's annoyed, she is just on the standing up for herself person. But she always loves her sisters.


She has long red hair that she likes to put into braids. She wears a red dress that looks similar to Elsa's. She has fire powers. And sometimes she wears red fire leggings and a maroon hoodie. She has a scar on her face after Marshmallow scratched her by accident.


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Even though she is nice to Elsa and Anna, she's still using her powers against them.

She had an incident with Marshmallow after Elsa showed her the Ice castle.

She'd been in isolation until Elsa found her in the Fire castle.