'Frostopia' is a frozen place that is always winter and never summer.

Queen AbigailEdit

Abigail is the Queen of Frostopia. She looks like Elsa and hates fire and warmth. She lives in Frostopia because there is no summer. Olaf would probably hate it there. He loves summer! Queen Abigail is caring, but her heart is cold. The king of Frostopia also is caring and has a cold heart. Abigail lives in the castle of Frostopia. It is made of ice.


The temperature in Frostopia is about -16 degrees Celsius. Every morning there is a light flurry that grows stronger as the day darkens. When Queen Abigail wants to, she changes the weather.

Citizens of FrostopiaEdit

The citizens of Frostopia like winter, but long for summer to come, at least spring. This is why there are not many citizens in Frostopia. There are no animals, except for polar bears, walruses/seals and penguins. There are only 1000 people in Frostopia.