First off, this is not the finished story. This is only a plot outline FOR the story. That being said, nearly anything I put here may be subject to change. I Was originally going to try to type the whole plot outline out at once and then post it here, but the story got so big that if I get any feedback to change something, it'd be better if I hadn't already finished the whole outline. So, I will be posting each scene(chapter) of F2 here, as I write it. Feedback is welcomed and will be taken into consideration.

(This is really important, so read this)

Finally, F2 is written to be completely in sync with canon. I am doing my level best to make sure EVERYTHING within this story matches up with the official timeline of Frozen. This because I intend to make Frozen 2 a direct canonical sequel to Frozen. Also note that F2 is not a stand-alone. I originally wanted it to be, but the story got so big that I needed to break it up into three novels. F2 is the main novel, Frozen 3 will end the story introduced in F2, and there will be a Prologue novel that spans eight to ten years and runs parallel to the original Frozen, joining the Frozen storyline in F2. If you get confused, I can explain what I mean by this, just ask in comments or send me a PM or invite me to chat.

REDACTED because these are outdated. An entirely new plotline has been developed and a rewrite into a true novel(about 50 chapters upon latest estimate) will begin shortly.