The Frozen Fanon Wiki Policy helps organize and ensure a better experience on the Frozen Fanon Wiki. Every rule applies to every user on the wiki, whether a fellow editor or an administrator.

Story pages

Story pages are the main page of your fanon. They should include the series infobox template, which should be filled out to the best of your ability. A rating is required. You may use either MPAA or Fictionratings rating system:

  • G/K(+) = suitable for al audiences. Does not include graphic violence or swearing
  • PG(13)/T = suitable for teenagers. May include some swearing, more adult themes, and violence
  • M = not permitted on the wiki; though you may create a main page for your story, the content is not allowed. Out-links to other fanfiction sites it is hosted on is permitted.


Main article: Project:Images

You may not upload photos that contain nudity or gore. If images from sites like DeviantArt and Photobucket are uploaded and created by a different person, you must give credit to them by noting it on the image-page. Please not that altered copyright images are not permitted, and will be deleted on sight.


  • If a storyline or characters are purposely inspired by another source, you must leave a reference of a link or title and include the author or in general, the maker of the source, if obtainable.
  • Any photo created by another individual or a company that you will use for your own needs of your fanfiction must be mentioned, if it is known.
  • Any contributor/author that does not follow these rules to crediting on this wiki will have their fanfiction deleted immediately and will receive warning.


  • Fanfiction or comments that include hatred of an ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or anything somewhat offensive will be removed instantly and the writer will receive certain consequences.
  • When leaving comments, no profanity, inappropriate themes, or rude language is allowed. Your comment will be deleted and you will receive a warning. If you do this another three times, the two times will be warnings and the third time will result in a one month block.
  • If a discussion or thread is closed, do not continue to post any comments under that discussion. You will receive a warning if you do it once and if you continue to do so another three times, you will get two warnings and the third time will be a one week block.