"The Duke of Weasle-town can't dance and he wears high heels!" ~ Jueno

Vital statistics
Gender Female
Physical attributes
Eye color Sky blue
Allies Elsa (creator)
Enemies Hans
Duke of Wesleton
Remilia (future stories with her)
Portrayed by Eva Bella (just a bit older)

Built from Elsa's Ice Powers, spunky Jueno is a main protagonist in Frozen Queen. She is Elsa's husky.


Along with her spunky personality, Jueno worries about breaking the rules. Although she lived in Elsa's Ice Palace, along with Olaf and Marshmallow, she is usually seen with Olaf or Marshmallow when Elsa's out, but sticks to the Snow Queen at all times. She is rarely seen without anyone she knows and it took her a veeeeeery long time to warm up to Anna, since Elsa, Olaf and Marshmallow were the only people she was able to trust. Although she absolutely hates getting into trouble, she tags along with Olaf in the Ice Palace and tries not to eavesdrop, but it's become a habit of hers that she can't control. She talks with a bit of a stutter.


Jueno loves hanging out with Elsa, and usually calls her Mistress on certain occasions, but she and Olaf seem to be two peas in a pod, since she was the second snow creation Elsa made. Even though she's made entirely out of ice and snow, she is extremely fluffy. She hates it if anyone threatens her or her family and likes making fun of the Duke of Weseleton with Olaf and Marshmallow, who usually bet on what she thinks that Elsa and Anna usually say. When Olaf wants to explore the rest of the Ice Palace without being detected, Jueno goes into stealth mode. It doesn't bother her that Olaf talks about summer and "all things hot", because deep deep down she wishes to experience summer as well. When Elsa gets sick, she's extremely shocked about it, but she does chase the Snowgies around when Elsa does get sick.

Fanon AppearancesEdit

Frozen Queen


  • She is Elsa's Alaskan husky 
  • She and Olaf have a brother-and-sister-like bond
  • She likes to stay up late and listen to the wolves howl at night
  • When Elsa gets sick, she chases the Snowgies around the castle with Olaf
  • She can talk