Lord Frederick Miller
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Portrayed by Rhys Ifans (Likeness and voice)
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Performance model
Inspiration Prof. James Moriarty
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Character information
Full name Frederick Albert Jonathan Philip Miller
Other names Freddie
Personality Calm, Cool, Collected, Smart, Sociopathic
Occupation 15th Baron Miller, Landowner, Peer
Home The Kingdom of Osea
Relatives Lord Victor Miller (ancestor)

Sir John Miller (younger brother)

Allies Various other peers/landowners who oppose the Monarchy.
Enemies Osean Royal Family, Prince Kenneth Harling of Osea
Powers and abilities
Weapons Single-bladed foil sword.
Fate Unknown as of now, will be revealed as the story progresses

Lord Frederick Miller, 15th Baron Miller, is an Osean Lord, Peer, and Landowner. He is known as a descendant of Lord Victor Miller, who waged war against the Grand Duchy of London, which ultimately resulted in his demise.

Biography Edit

He was born to Christopher Miller, 14th Baron Miller and Georgia Miller as the eldest son. Like his father and all the other members of the Miller family before him, he holds a strong hatred towards the Osean Royal Family. This is mainly because when the Kingdom of Osea was formed out of what remained of the Grand Duchy of London, his ancestor, Lord Victor Miller, had waged war against the Grand Duchy, and was ultimately killed in combat by Duke Vincent Harling, who went on to become King Vincent I of Osea. He was made the 15th Baron Miller when he was 30, following his parents' death due to natural causes. When he was 35, his wife, Katherine, died of unknown causes. It was reported, however, that her corpse was solid ice.

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