lord cedric (also known as the lord of winter) is a powerful master of the ice gifted with the power of snow and ice.


lord cedric is about 6ft tall with black hair and light blue eyes that are sead to look like the color of ice. most of the time he wears a set of light blue and dark blue armor but sometimes wears more casual atire. he wears a crown made of ice on his head that dosnt melt and also a necklace with a symble of a snowflake on it.


at first lord cedric is extreamly cold, bitter,harsh, and verry serious with what he dose. although he seems extreamly harsh (wich he is) he is shown to also be extreamly fair with justice even if sometimes it apears to be more harsh then its true intention. he at first thinks love is extreamly pointless sence he was denied love but that changes when he falls for elsa. he is also rather depressed with his life sence his studys in his ice magic made him imortal wich he longs to end.