Background information
Feature films Frozen 2013 Disney On Ice Frozen 2015 Frozen Fever 2015 Lego Frozen Northern Lights 2016 Olaf's Frozen Adventure 2017 Frozen 2 Kingdom Of Ice 2019
Television programs
Video games Michelangelo and Olaf KILL ANNA AND HER FANS!
Park attractions
Portrayed by Noel Fisher
Portrayed by
Voice Josh Gad (Frozen) Robbie Daymond (Frozen 2 Kingdom Of Ice when the turtles appear and his best friend Mikey) (Roger Craig Smith in Once Upon A Time when he makes fun of Elsa)
Performance model
Honors and awards An orange bandana, two pairs of sticks and metal chain for nunchuks and a turtle shell for training with the turtles
Character information
Full name Olafangelo (In frozen 2 Kingdom Of Ice when Michelangelo makes an appearance whereas the rest of the turtles appear half way through)
Other names
Personality Olaf is pretty good at being a Party dude, but when he saves Anna's true love, he says "I know why" that's because he's being like Michelangelo and he goes crazy because he has a secret in his head about Anna that Anna doesn't know about
Appearance In Frozen 2 Kingdom Of Ice, Olaf makes an appearance with Michelangelo at the start. Halfway through, Raphael appears helping Olaf and Mikey. Then at the end of half way through, Leo and Donnie join in
Birthday 22nd February 2000
Goal To defeat Anna and her fans at Disney Land and pick on her and tease her Once and for all
Home Arendelle (But when the turtles appear, he visits them in New York where they live in the Turtle Lair
Relatives Anna and Elsa until he abandoned them then he was adopted to the turtles Raph, Leo, Donnie and of course as you all know accept Anna and her nappy fans, Mikey
Pets Shares Mikey's Ice Cream Kitty
Allies Donatello Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo (Party dude as Olaf reacts) SwaySway
Enemies Anna
Likes Being a party dude and making fun of Anna and teaming up with the turtles, especially Michelangelo since he taught him all his moments
Dislikes The turtles leaving him out
Powers and abilities Sling like a Slingshot
Weapons Sticks (Used to turn them into nunchuks with a metal chain)
Quote Hi everyone, im Olaf, and I'm like a party dude now to my shellfriend, Michelangelo! Yep! He's the one that everyone loves! Aww all though unfortunately, Anna is thick and useless so don't worry we'll have this undercontrol once Mikey and I Olafangelo will pick on Anna and her smelly nappy fans!

Olaf is a very funny snowman that was created by Sonic The Hedgehog and the Turtles. He was born to make fun of Anna along with the turtles to make fun of Anna, and Sonic to make fun of Elsa as Elsa sung a song to annoy Sonic so it's Elsa's fault. "GO ON SONIC GET SOME SONIC COMBOS INTO IT!". Olaf can also give out "making fun of Anna" advice.


Olaf is a pretty fun guy-- I mean, snowman. He likes warm hugs and is very into being like a party dude. Michelangelo The party dude taught Olaf some of his tricks, mostly his personality so that Olaf can make fun of Anna.

Olaf is Michelangelo's favourite kind of guy as Olaf is now acting like Michelangelo (Two reasons why) 1. Olaf can be a bit cheeky at times when he knows that Sven isn't Sven, its Kristoff. Olaf is having a laugh of how he reacts like Michelangelo. ( and reason number 2) When Olaf meets Anna, Kristoff and Sven, When he says "Are you kidding me" "Oh boy" he's thinking himself as Michelangelo, but Michelangelo says "Booyakasha" that's making him a dude. Olaf the whole time, has kept a secret from Michelangelo to himself, its about Anna. He thinks that Anna is thick and useless. Olaf loves taking the micky out of her because he thinks that Anna has never heard of a nappy and that might wind her up so Olaf sticks with his party dude, Michelangelo.

Overall, Olaf is the friendliest party dude that makes fun of Anna anyone, of course Michelangelo can meet.