Olaf was enjoying the gorgeous summer day. He wanted to go play with Sven, but suddenly, a strong wind blew in his face and swirled around his body. It carried him up the North Mountain, and he saw another snowman. "Hi!!!" shouted Olaf. "Hi!!" shouted the other. "I'm Olaf!" said Olaf. "I'm... Lexie!" said the other snowman. Lexie and Olaf shook hand.

Chapter oneEdit

"Hi, Lexie," said Olaf. "Er, hi," said Lexie. They said hi again. And hello. And again and again and again. "Okay, I got here because a strong wind picked me up," said Lexie. "Me too!" exclaimed Olaf. "Come on, let's explore the North Mountain. Olaf looked down at Arendelle. "Do you live in... What do you call that place again... Arendelle?" asked Olaf. Lexie nodded. "I remember who made me. Their names were Fiona and Shelly," said Lexie. Could they have magical powers just like Elsa? thought Olaf. "Er, do they have magic powers?" he asked. Lexie shook her head. "I don't think so. But one day, I found myself hopping around joyfully!" Olaf didn't know what to say. Lexie was really nice, and Olaf thought she was also gorgeous. They walked and talked until they saw a beautiful palace. "Elsaaaaa...." whispered Olaf to himself. "Elsa?" said Lexie. "Well, I'm German, and Fiona and Shelly was too, and I thought Elsa was Germanic for 'noble'!"

Olaf shook his head. "Elsa made me," he said. "It's a name. She has magic powers. I think she accidentally made you alive." Lexie thought for a moment. "Well, the queen of...Er, Arendelle is named Elsa. Elsa of Arendelle," she said. Olaf jumped up with excitement. "Yes, that Elsa!" he exclaimed. "So if you know her, she probably made you! Elsa said that a snowman must know the person that made her, um, it alive to be alive!" Lexie clapped and nodded. "Fiona told me about Elsa. She also told me what you just told me!"

Olaf and Lexie went into the palace. Surprisingly, Elsa was there, creating a snowflakes show. Actually, she was creating beautiful patterns. "Hi, Olaf," she said as she made a gorgeous snowflake.