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Olaf's Crush
Olaf's crush
The poster for Olaf's Crush, featuring Olaf, Elsa and Asle.
Creator Rodangizzardcrusher3
Genre Romance
Rating G
Language English
Chapters 8
Run January 31, 2015
Author Rodangizzardcrusher3
First chapter Chapter One
Last chapter Chapter Eight

Olaf's Crush is a story written by Johnpatgillespie. It tells the story of Elsa and Olaf pursuing a romantic relationship in secret.

Characters Edit

Character Actor
Olaf Josh Gad
Elsa Idina Menzel
Asle Jennifer Lawrence
Anna Kristen Bell
Kristoff Jonathan Groff
Sven Non-speaking
Pabbie Ciarán Hinds

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Anna Finds Out

The Next Big Thing

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Asle, voiced by Jennifer Lawrence. Johnpatgillespie has confirmed that Asle will appear in the sequel to the AU story The Snow Queen, with Lawrence reprising her role.
  • Apparently, Johnpatgillespie had the idea of an Olaf/Elsa pairing story when he saw Youtube video "Frozen-Global Meltdown", during which Olaf and Elsa are shown lip-syncing the song "Hot in Here" by Nelly.