Background information
Feature films Frozen, frozen 2, frozen 3, frozen 4
Television programs
Video games Party Time
Park attractions
Portrayed by Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time)
Portrayed by
Voice Josh Gad (Frozen) Robbie Daymond (Frozen 2 upcoming) Roger Craig Smith (Once Upon A Time) Robbie Kay (Frozen 3)
Performance model
Honors and awards Orange Bandana, Two pairs of sticks and a metal chain for nunchukers and a turtle shell for training with the turtles
Character information
Full name Olaf
Other names Dudeman

Snowdude Dr. Angelo Olaf (briefly)

Personality Cheeky, funny, naive, calm, happy
Appearance Orange carrot nose, stick hair and arms, black buttons, peanut shapedhead, rounded bottom, turtle shell, orange bandana, turtle flippers
Birthday 29th November 2000
Occupation Snowdude
Goal To defeat Anna and her fans along in Once Upon A Time
Home Arendelle
Relatives Anna and Elsa (deceased)
Pets Mikey's Ice Cream Kitty as a pet
Allies Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Bobby the bowling ball, Ali Campbell and SwaySway
Minions Snowgies
Enemies Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa (Georgina Haig)
Likes Making fun of Anna (Elizabeth Lail), to be a party dude, to train hard without interruptions, helping the turtles defeat Anna, telling jokes about Anna,
Dislikes Being wound up, being called names, interruptions when training hard in his spare time,
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sticks (Used to turn them into nunchuks)
Quote "Hi everyone"! I'm Olafangelo now"! And I love to make fun of people like Anna or should I say, Elizabeth Lail!? To my shellfriend, Michelangelo! Yep! He's the party man like me!

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