Wake up! We are hosting a party at the castle! We've don't want to be late! SAys Anna! Elsa wakes up her eyes looking tired. 5 more minutes says Elsa going back to sleep. Anna had to wake Elsa up! So she started singing! [["Elsa Elsa"]] "let's go plan the party"! Finally Elsa couldn't take it anymore she just had to hurry. . out of bed! Okay, said Elsa we will need the ballroom. Ooooooh! Said Anna, I will be dancing with cristoff! How about you Elsa! Says Anna eagerly! I won't says Elsa. I won't be dancing with anyone. But when they were out to get party decorations Elsa bumps into a guy named David Malone. "Sorry" said Elsa. "No no no no no" David says. It is not everyday one man meets a girl with such . beauty and grace. Elsa blushes. Anna is talking the whole way home. Ooooooh! Elsa! She says,you could dance with David Malone!!!! Ummmm,I don't think so, says Elsa but Anna won't take no for a answer. The rush down the streets of town to find David! When they find him he says yes to dance with Elsa, Anna was excited for Elsa! But Elsa was a bit nervous! First they had to find a dress. They picked out one that was blue and purple! It's magnificent! Says Anna! When the night of the party comes Elsa is dancing with David. It was the one thing the was missing in Elsa life!