Powers of the Princess is a Frozen fanfiction story made by Bella8991. It was created on January 6th, 2014. It was the first fanfiction series to be written on the Frozen Fanon Wiki.


It's been three years since Anna brought Elsa back to the kingdom from the Ice Castle. Elsa is happy of being able to control and use her powers and Anna is happy of not only being in a relationship with Kristoff, but an engagement. One day, Elsa is awaken by her alarm clock and she usually freezes it to shut it up but when she tries to freeze it, it is still ringing. She is quickly awaken noticing that her powers are not working and she gives it another try but not a ray of power comes out. She is frightened and quickly runs out of her bedroom. Meanwhile, Anna's alarm clock rings and as she is about to push the snooze button, it already stops even though it only rang for five seconds. She looks at her clock to see what is
wrong and notices that it's frozen. She is skeptical and goes to Elsa in the ballroom to see if she did it. But, Elsa says her powers weren't even working and she freaks out. Anna stretches out to get all the sleep out but then a bunch of rays of light and power burst out and freeze multiples things in the room. They both soon notice that instead of Elsa having powers, now Anna does. Now what is Anna and Elsa going to do?


  • Anna the Princess of Arendelle (canon character)
  • Elsa the Snow Queen (canon character)
  • Kristoff (canon character)
  • Duke of Wesleton (canon character)
  • Remilia (fanon character)


Powers of the Princess: Chapter 1

Powers of the Princess: Chapter 2: The Powers and the Beetles