Prince Gunnar
Vital statistics
Nationality The Southern Isles
Gender Male
Age 30
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Maroon
Enemies Hans
First appearance Frozen: The Kingdom of the Sun

"No, you don't understand. He likes hurting people."
— Hans trying to warn Anna about Gunnar

Prince Gunnar Westergaard is the seventh prince of the Southern Isles and the tertiary antagonist of Frozen: The Kingdom of the Sun.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Although capable of presenting himself as a well-mannered and loquacious gentleman, Gunnar's true self is a vicious brute who is always spoiling for a brawl. He is a sadist who gleefully relishes in the feeling of power from inflicting pain on people. Despite his official "station" being an officer in the Southern Isles' navy, Klaus has named the seventh prince chief torturer of prisoners. Gunnar has taken to this opportunity as a learning experience on mental and emotional pain as well as physical. Like many of his brothers, Gunnar is very egocentric and has a foul temper, especially when his demands are not immediately answered. Although the seventh prince would prefer to employ brute strength and intimidation to get what he wants, Gunnar has proved to be influential as leader and orator.

Given his infamous bloodlust, Gunnar has more enemies than friends. Even his closest companions, the ninth and tenth twin princes Theodor and Thomas, are treated more like henchmen. However, the seventh prince reserves a specific hatred for his youngest brother, Hans, and it appears that Gunnar was behind the majority of the bullying Hans suffered as a boy.

Appearance Edit

Gunnar is a muscular man in his early thirties, with sun-kissed skin, shoulder-length black hair oiled back, revealing a widow's peak, sideburns, and maroon eyes. He has two scars cutting across the left side of his jaw, and a more wrapped around his right arm, including one in the shape of a small handprint.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gunnar's name comes from the Germanic elements meaning "war" and "army." This suits his pugnacious nature and how he served in the Royal Navy.
  • In early story production, Gunnar was named "Aksel."