Prince Kenneth of Osea
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Portrayed by Matt Smith (Likeness and voice)
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Inspiration The Doctor
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Character information
Full name Kenneth Herbert William Harling, Prince of Osea
Other names Ken, Kenny, Herb
Personality Calm, Cool, Collected, Smart
Birthday 5th June (Aged 25 as of The Other Dignitary)
Occupation Prince
Affiliations Osean Royal Family, Arendelle Royal Family
Goal To live out his life in Arendelle, to fully master his powers.
Home The Kingdom of Osea, Kingdom of Arendelle
Relatives King Vincent XVI (Father)

Queen Isabella (Mother)

Prince Charles of Osea (Elder brother)

Princess Amelia of Osea (Elder sister)

Prince Eric of Osea (Younger brother)

Allies Anna, Elsa, Sir John Miller (Best friend)
Minions Sebastian (Butler)
Enemies Hans, Duke of Weselton, Lord Frederick Miller
Likes Reading, writing, Arendelle, Queen Elsa, fruit, the occasional piece of chocolate, the occasional drink.
Dislikes Being in a crowd of strangers, those who seek to usurp the throne, being bored.
Powers and abilities Ice/Snow
Weapons Single-bladed foil sword, his powers
Fate Unknown as of now, more details shall be revealed as the story progresses.
Quote "What is it, Sebastian? I'm arranging matches."

"I love it here in Arendelle. I feel more welcome here."
"Queen Elsa. May I have this dance?"

Prince Kenneth Harling of Osea is the main protagonist of TheDarkKnight1881 (Razgriz4Shadowhawk)'s Frozen FanFic Collection located both here on the Wikia and on, first appearing in The Other Dignitary. He is the 3rd child of King Vincent XVI of The Kingdom of Osea, and he is notable for being born with the power of ice and snow, but this is only known to his parents and his siblings.


He was born on June 5th as the second youngest of 4 children, to the King and Queen of Osea. He accepts that he won't make it to the throne, and frowns upon those who plan to usurp power. He was 5 when he discovered his powers, and it was confirmed that he had been born with them. He dedicated himself to controlling them, and has thus far succeeded. However, he has failed to control them on two accounts. The first was when he was 15, when he got into a fight with someone else of his age. The fight was in a dark alley, and he had lashed out with his powers after being taunted repeatedly. The other boy was trapped behind a wall of ice, and when he made it out, his parents paid a handsome fee to the other boy's parents to keep quiet about it. The second was when Kenneth was 21, but not much is known about it, except that it happened within the Castle of Osea. Since the coronation of Queen Elsa, to which he was the only one in his family who attended, he has taken a large interest in Arendelle, due to their prolonged winters, and has since made frequent visits.


Most of the time, he is calm, cool and collected, and it is extremely hard to push him to anger. However, if he is pushed to the limit, he can be aggressive. Unlike those who are known to have abilities like his, he doesn't cut himself off from society, as he finds it easy to control them. However, not many people know of his abilities, which works to his advantage, as he has heard stories of people reacting badly to people like him. But, if he is not in the right frame of mind to control his powers, he seems to hide himself away. He appears to be moderately intelligent, and somewhat caring to his friends and family. He can be confident when he's around people he knows, such as his friends, his family, dignitaries with which he has made strong ties with, but can be nervous if put in a crowd of strangers.