Prince Noah
Vital statistics
Nationality The Southern Isles
Gender Male
Age 25
Physical attributes
Hair color Bleached blond, Auburn (natural)
Eye color Green
Allies King Klaus (eldest brother/employer)
Princess Luisa Garmendia (ex-fiancée)
First appearance Frozen: The Kingdom of the Sun

"Because a siren has ripped out my heart, and made me watch her eat it as she sang the bittersweet aria of our LOVE! Also, someone stole my last good hairbrush."
— An example of Noah's histrionics

Prince Noah Westergaard is the twelfth prince of the Southern Isles.

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Personality Edit

Noah is the most artistically inclined of the Westergaard brothers. He is a published poet, has written operas and compositions of varying (though mostly negative) acclaims, and he plays the cello, oboe and harpsichord. Fitting his poetic soul, Noah is prone to melodrama and vehement monologues, which many people find tiresome. He also alternates between an amiable (if not exaggerated) temperament to an abrasive and spiteful one; these characteristics imply that Noah might suffer from bipolar disorder.

Recently, Noah has had an engagement with a princess named Luisa Garmendia broken off, and he has been distraught over it ever since. At the slightest reminder of her, Noah breaks into sobbing fits.

Appearance Edit

Noah is a handsome man with a lean built, pale skin, green eyes, and long hair tied into a ponytail and coiffed to the right. Although his natural hair colour is auburn, Noah has taken to bleaching it a light blond after Princess Luisa broke up with him.

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