Lord Ravius Cravendorff
Ravius Cravendorff
Ravius, as he appears in the Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 50
Physical attributes
Height 1.74m
Hair color Brown
Allies Ari


Enemies Elsa

Anna Kristoff Olaf Beatrix Marshmallow Asle Padraic Alannah Queen Iduna(deceased) King Adger(deceased)

Portrayed by Robert Downey Jr
First appearance The Snow Queen: Mystery of Doomsday Mountain
Lord Ravius Cravendorff is a sorcerer who lives on the South Mountain(also known as Doomsday Mountain) outside of Arendelle. An old acquaintance of The Duke of Weselton and the uncle of Annika, Ravius seeks revenge against Queen Iduna and her bloodline by means of Forbidden Ancient Troll magic. He is voiced by Robert Downey Jr.

Appearance Edit

Ravius bears an uncanny resemblance to his voice actor, Robert Downey Jr, with the exception of a curled mustache and a scraggly beard reaching down to his chest. His usual wear is a cloak resembling the one worn by Hans in the climax of the original film. It is a dull, green cloak with wavy blue patterns and a purple interior, as well as having a more villainous vibe to it than Hans' cloak. When out in the cold, he also wears white gloves similar to the ones worn by Hans.

During the climax of the story, he will wear a blue cloak and green tunic, complete with red and gold colored gauntlets on his forearms and hands.

Personality Edit

Ravius usually attempts to keep his temper when in the company of his enemies, though he is also well known for his hot tempered attitude. Ravius always likes to get his way, and isn't exactly the happiest man on Earth when he or his minions fail. When Padraic and the snowmen steal the book of Forbidden Magic, Ravius throws a brief tantrum and stomps on the ground before giving chase.

Despite his temper, Ravius is shown to be more of an honest gentleman when compared to the Snow Queen's Duke of Weselton. He shows this by admitting that he has no grudge against Anna or Elsa, and that he simply wants to kill them due to their Mother banishing him. As well as this, he is known for asking his enemies for last words when he prepares to kill them.

Trivia Edit

  • In the climax of the story, Ravius wears red and gold gauntlets on his hands. These gauntlets bear an intentional resemblance to the gloves of the Mark 43 Iron Man Suit, as a reference to Ravius' voice actor Robert Downey Jr.
  • In comparison to The Snow Queen's darker portrayal of The Duke of Weselton, Ravius' portrayal in the story will be more of a light-hearted and humorous approach.