Emperor Slender
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Full name Slender of Nexon
Other names Slender
Personality Kind, sensitive, cunning, evil, well-mannered, flirty, slightly psychopathic
Birthday 16th October (Aged 24 as of A Really, Really Blizzard Story
Occupation Emperor of Nexon
Affiliations Nexon, himself, Arendelle
Goal To bring Nexon into a golden age, expand the Nexonan Empire, spread Roman Catholicism
Home Paço Imperial, Nexon
Relatives Emperor João VII (Father)

Empress Maria (Mother)

Allies Elsa, Anna, Olaf, his Imperial Marines
Minions Every Nexonan
Enemies Anyone who gets in his way
Likes War, Ruling Nexon, Beautiful Ladies (before), Bourbon Whiskey, Elsa (currently), political cartoons, hunting
Dislikes Rebels, anyone who gets in his way, pro-"civil rights", hippies, escaped slaves, overweight people, Queen Elsa (when she criticizes his brutal policies) .
Powers and abilities Enhanced sight, shooting skills
Weapons A .45 calibre platinum-plated pistol
Fate Alive and well, still ruling Nexon with iron fist
Quote (To Princess Mariette) "Oh Mariette, you are so beautiful."

(To one of his Imperial Marine) "Don't tell me MY direction, Rico! You are given your life by my scientists to guard my life, not act as a guide."
(To Elsa) "You WHAT? THOSE GUARDS OF YOURS ARE STILL ALIVE! You should check for pulses before burying someone that was shot with a rubber bullet!"

Emperor Slender of Nexon is the Emperor of Nexon. He is the best general of his era, not to mention an avid hunter and a great shooter. Slender is the 4th youngest Emperor of Nexon as of now, ascending the throne when he was 16 years old. He managed to done this by overthrowing his father - Emperor João VII.


Slender was born at the Paço Imperial at Rio de Janeiro. When he was at the age of 5 years old, Slender started learning marksmanship. Thanks to his enhanced sight, the Crown Prince became an expert marksman. However, he also have his fair shares of shooting accidents, all of which he managed to emerge without any serious disabilities.

At the same time Slender started using a gun, he also received lessons at the Imperial Palace from hired tutors. His father, who wanted Nexon to conquer all three American continents, made sure that his son had a military education so that Slender would be useful in wars. However, the Crown Prince have something in mind beside expanding the Nexonan Empire. Slender was soon given command of 15,000 soldiers when he was only 10 years old. By the time he was 16, it grew to 50,000 soldiers - which would later become the elite Imperial Marines. With his soldiers, Slender overthrew Emperor João VII and sent him off to a maximum-security prison in Macau.

Because of Slender's age, many European rulers thought that it would be easy to destroy Nexon once and for all. The rulers of Spain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, France and Weselton tried to declare war against Nexon. They should really read history books. There were 3 Emperors who were younger than Slender when they ascended the throne. Each time, some European powers formed an alliance and waged a war against Nexon. And each time, these young Emperors, one (Emperor Afonso V) was only 9 years old, defeated their enemies. Slender was no different. However, instead of just defending his nation, Slender also launched a massive invasion campaign against the 4th European Coalition, ending with the capitals of the opponents burnt to ashes. The monarchs and rulers of these countries were forced to beg for their lives and surrender. Because of that, Slender immediamely helped to rebuild the war-torn and nearly annihilated 4th European Coalition. These European rulers and Slender became friends over time.