The Lost Little Girl
Creator Randomwords247
Rating G
Language English
Chapters 4
Author Randomwords247

"The Lost Little Girl" takes place in The Three Young Adventurers story series.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the night, three children run away from their home, due to Guards strangely chasing after them. The Three end up on a cliffside, with no where to go. Alice, after realizing that they only want her, and that there was nothing else to do, jumps into the sea in hope that the Guards would leave her brothers alone, only to have them follow her

Later, Alice wakes up to find herself in a castle, and after talking with the Princess, realizes that the Princess or Queen wouldn't let her leave until her arm had healed. After a while, she tries to find her brothers with the Princess, who had been taken care of by a woman named Rose, and finds them in the end.

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  • George
  • Alice
  • Timothy
  • Queen Elsa
  • Princess Anna
  • Sebastian