Series The Lost Little Girl
Chapter Prologue
Written by Randomwords247
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That stormy night, everything changed.

Nothing would ever be the same.

"Quickly children, escape through the window" a women told her Two Sons and Daughter, the latter just nodded with tears rolling down her face "Alice, take this cloak, once you get there, make sure no one finds out who you are" she said, giving her a cloak

"Timothy, hold on tight" George told his little brother Timothy, picking him up in a Piggy-Back Ride position, "Mama, Papa, aren't you going to come?" Timothy asked, "Don't worry about us, we'll be fine" his father answered

"Follow me Alice" George told Alice "O-okay" she answered climbing out the window after her brothers. But before she could make it out, the knights burst through the door, making her look at them with shock "There she is! Get her!" one of them said pointing at Alice, as she quickly jumped out and ran to her brothers.

"Their too fast George, we'll never make it!" Alice told her brother, "We'll have to improvise then!" he answered, pushing some huge barrels towards the knights, which crashed into them, however they quickly started to chase them again.

Soon however, the three children reached the edge of a cliff, with the raging sea at the bottom of it. The three stopped just before the edge, as the Knights saw this as a chance to corner the three.

"Just give us the girl and you can go free" the knight's leader told George

"Never!" he shouted back. What could they do?

Alice looked around, trying to see if there was a way to escape, sadly, there was only one way she could think about

"I'm sorry George"

George and Timothy looked around, to see their sister jump off the edge of the cliff and land in the sea

"Alice!" Timothy shouted seeing her fall into the rushing waves

"Come here you two!" the leader of the knights ordered

"We have to save her" George thought

"If you guys want to follow us, then I hope you enjoy rusty armor!" he shouted to them "Hold on tight Timmy!" he told his brother, before diving down into the sea to go after Alice, the knights could do nothing but watch

"They won't last a day out in the sea. They've doomed themselves! Come on, we've wasted enough time already" the leader said as they headed back towards the Kingdom