The Snow Queen
Creator Rodangizzardcrusher3
Genre Alternative universe
Rating G
Language English
Author Rodangizzardcrusher3
The Snow Queen is a fanfiction story written by Johnpatgillespie. The story is a rewriting of Frozen, told in an Alternate Universe where Anna and Elsa never met, due to Elsa leaving at a much younger age.

Characters Edit

Character Actor Role in the story
Elsa Idina Menzel The protagonist of the story. At three years old, Elsa ran away to the North Mountain when she hurt Anna as a baby.
Anna Kristen Bell The deuteragonist. A princess of Arendelle, Anna grew up her entire life without knowing that Elsa was still alive. Anna dislikes Weselton's abuse of power and tries to get the throne herself.
Kristoff Jonathan Groff An ice harvester. Kristoff met Elsa after the latter came back from the Spring Festival, which led to Elsa becoming attracted to him.
Baljós Dolosis of Weselton Alan Tudyk The former Duke of Weselton and regent of Arendelle, also the main antagonist. Weselton intends to kill Anna and turn Arendelle into a democracy. He is later revealed to be a master of ice and snow who gave Elsa her powers.
Olaf Josh Gad One of the three talking snowmen who live on the North Mountain with Elsa. Olaf is funny, almost constantly smiling, and never stops trying to cheer Elsa up when the latter is depressed.
Beatrix Christina Applegate The only snow-woman of the three snowmen, Beatrix serves as an older sister/motherly figure to Elsa. Unlike Asle, another snow-woman OC created by johnpatgillespie, Beatrix seems to get along with Anna straight away.
Marshmallow Vin Diesel The largest of the snowman but still being considered Olaf and Beatrix's "little" brother, Marshmallow isn't the most intelligent snowman, but he is stil a talented singer (being able to hit a powerful high F note) and piano player. This is one of, if not the only portrayal of the character to not be voiced by Paul Briggs.
Hans Westergard Santino Fontana The youngest prince of the Southern Isles, Hans is hired by Weselton to seduce, and kill, Anna. Hans is shown to sometimes be fed up of listening to Weselton's constant rambling about democracy.
Padraic(pronounced Por-ick) Stephen Mangan Anna's best friend in Arendelle, and also the narrator from the beginning of the story. Padraic is sixteen years old, and is always supportive of Anna, usually being calm, kind, collected and more often than not a pacifist to Anna's reckless attitude.
Alannah Emily Blunt Padraic's older sister. Alannah is seventeen years old and is always trying to stop Anna from doing something she believes to be illogical or stupid. Like Padraic and Anna, she still believes that Weselton is corrupt, though she often suggests less violent ways to solve the problem.

Chapters Edit

  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Chapter Three
  4. Chapter Four
  5. Chapter Five
  6. Chapter Six
  7. Chapter Seven
  8. Chapter Eight