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The Snow Queen's Demise Edit

Author's Note: Edit

This is a "Jelsa" fan fiction. I am a solid fan of the fandom, and I only wish to share my idea of how I picture their storyline. This is a story that is originally posted at wattpad, with the same title and author.

Hope you guys like it!


Jack Frost is sent on a mission.

Ordered by North, there seems to be a slight problem with him being the guardian of fun. He is supposed to give fun to every child, but apparently, he missed one kid.

Now according to Sandman, this kid is Pitch's new target. No one knows why or since when, but the villain seemed to have vanished off the face of the planet - leaving kids in total cloud nine. Nightmares ceased to be. This made the Guardians suspicious, as Pitch couldn't just disappear. As a result, Jack uses North's snow globe to teleport.

And that's where the fun begins.

Whether it's a mistake or not, Jack doesn't know. He seemed to be thrown in another dimension - somewhere wherein nobody knows him. Having no idea where he is, our favorite spirit of winter finds himself face-to-face with The Snow Queen.

Which is ironic since she can't even see him.

Join Jack Frost and Queen Elsa in this unforgettable adventure as they set off to find the missed child. As they journey, they are about to find out a stunning new secret that has something to do with the snow queen's demise. Would Queen Elsa finally get her "happy ever after" or will she be stuck in her own eternal winter?

Read to find out.