(00:15. Cut to Elsa lying on the floor in a smoke filled room)

Annika:(narrating) I'm sorry, Elsa.

(00:20. Cut to Olaf, Anna, Arvid and Sven running away from an army of gremlins)

Annika:(narrating) I just... didn't want it to end like this.

(00:25. Cut to Asle running from Ari. She hides behind a wall and hopes he doesn't find her)

Annika:(narrating) It's like only yesterday I... showed up here. It's just unravelling too fast, I suppose.

(00:35. Beatrix tries to outrun Ravius, but he blasts her with green energy and throws her into a wall. 00:45. Kristoff stands over the battle ravaged Valley of Living Rock)

Bulda: You need to go, Kristoff. You and your friends.

Kristoff: We're not going anywhere.

(00:55. Ravius stands over a large crowd of his followers. Cut to followers causing arson on wooden village as inhabitants run for their lives)

Ravius: Queen Iduna betrayed me! We will destroy her bloodline! Kill her family! Nothing will stand in our way!

(1:05. A green jewel is broken and two spirits named Peter and Pietro fly out)

Pietro: Hello, everybody, I am Pietro and this ugly thing next to me is Peter.

Peter: Ugly? When was the last time you ever looked in a mirror?

(1:12. Ravius confronts Elsa on the balcony of Arendelle Castle)

Ravius: There's nowhere to hide this time.

(1:18. Cut to Anna fighting Annika while Elsa fires ice at a crystal ball)

Ravius:(narrating) No ice palace. No parents.

(Elsa turns to face him)

Elsa: You're a madman, Ravius Cravendorff!

(1:25. Balder and Egill look over the destruction of the Ice palace)

Balder: Years from now they're going to ask...

(1:30. Peter and Pietro drive down the hill on bikes, sending Ravius' followers screaming in fright)

Balder:(narrating) Where were you when Arendelle came to an end...

(1:40. Kristoff mourns over an unidentifiable dead body. Pietro flies through the castle chased by Gremlins. Pause at 1:43 as another spirit named Alvis enters)

Alvis: My name's Alvis. And I'm here to help!

(watch?v=s_45YMjnIIk. 00:00. Alvis pulls out an array of knives and puts on a Rambo bandana while holding two machine guns)

Peter and Pietro: Ready for action, sir!

(00:07. Arvid, Balder and Keena are seen skating down a mountain on icebergs as Ravius and Ari follow. Keena gets caught by Ravius)

Balder: Keena's in trouble!

(Arvid throws a snowball at the mountain, trapping Ravius in an avalanche)

Arvid: I hated you anyway!


Anna: You know we're probably gonna die doing this right?

Annika and Elsa: Yes.

Annika: Come on, what are we waiting for!

(00:31. Egill stands on the hill on Sven's back)

Egill: Are you not entertained! Feel the wrath of the mighty reindeer! Charge!

(Pause at 0:39 as Sven moves very slowly with exhaustion. Egill looks at an annoyed Kristoff)

Egill: He's just warming up a bit. Long journey. Any minute now... Any time... you know I really regret picking this one.

Ravius: Charge!

(00:40. Gremlin army charges down the hill to where Arvid and the snowmen are)

Arvid: If I'm going to be honest. I've lost count of the soldiers.

Olaf: What are we waiting for? Run!

(00:47. Elsa knocks over several gremlins with her ice. 00:55. Cut to Elsa fighting Annika in the destroyed Ice Palace)

Annika: Give up, Elsa!

Elsa: No way! I ain't even breakin' a sweat yet!


Ravius: Elsa, Anna, if you two don't surrender then I'll just have to kill you, and all your friends as well!

Elsa: We'll never give up!

Ravius: Okay, if you want your friends' blood on your hands then-

Anna: You know, I'm still wondering if you've even had friends before!

(Pause at 1:22. Ari interrupts)

Ari: Ooooh! Nice one! Hey Ravius! You wanna ask Elsa for some ice on that burn!

Ravius: Enough talking! I will destroy you both!

Elsa: I'd like to see you try!

(Elsa and Ravius fire as the screen goes black. skip to 1:35)



(Cut to Peter and Pietro walking through the forest)

Pietro: You know, when we get to Arendelle, we're gonna be surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in Norway!

Peter: Oh yeah! I'll have to hold 'em off with a stick!