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So, this chapter is about 4 Mutant Turtles named, Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello and they're making their plans to torture Anna. Im sorry if this chapter's a bit short, i couldnt think of anything else. But dont worry, the next chapter should be brilliant!

Series The Torture Of Anna
Chapter One
Written by TMNTpal
Airdate 30th, July 2016
Rating PG
Next Catching Anna
4 Mutant Ninja Turtles named, Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello, live in the turtle lair. Raph, Mikey, Leo and Donnie just got back home late from defeating the Foot Clan. "Man am i tired out already". Said Mikey looking sweaty and exhausted from defeating the Foot Clan. "Come on team. Time to get some rest". Said Leo all tired aswell. The next morning, Leo woke up nice and early before his brothers. Every morning, the turtles have algea for breakfast. It was a nice, bright, sunny day and Leo put on his ninja gear and mask and baked some algae. "Ooooaaaahhh" yawned Mikey. "Oh, morning Mikey" spotted Leo. "Dude what's cooking around here for breakfast"?! "I'm..baking...algea". Replied Leo while stirring the algae. Donnie and Raph woke up and was up for some nice juicy algae. Later in the afternoon, Leo was going to make some plans before night time. "Guys, guys, guys!" Called Leo. ALL: "What is it Leo?" "I need you to listen carefully". Okay, so, after midnight, when its all quiet, we're going to plan to torture Anna. But first, we have to kill, gut, skin and tan her. The plan is, we're going to travell to Arendelle. Then without waking Anna, I will sneak into the castle, keep watch of Anna and Raph will hold a bag over Anna. Mikey, you will then grab hold of Anna then bring her outside. Then Donnie will get all the torturing weapons out while we'll take Anna to a surgery room. Got it?" ALL: "Got it!"