They let go is a Fan fiction written by PawsomePerry, it is based in the world of Frozen, but things have changed. Alot. 


Elsa has been found guilty of murder to the King and Queen of Arendelle. Now, running away, her powers become stronger, and everything goes wrong!

Characters Edit

Character Voice Actor

Indina Menzel (Voice, Singing)

Lucy Wilkins ('They Let Go' Preformance)

Anna Kristen Bell
Prince Hans TBA
Kristoff Johnathan Groff
Olaf Josh Gad
Lizia Purry Sunray
Duke of Weasleton Alan Tudyk
Anderson David Tennant
Sven  None


They Let Go/Chapter One - Treason 

They Let Go/Chapter Two  - The Call for Help

They Let Go/Chapter Three - Another one bites the dust 

They Let Go/Chapter Four 

They Let Go/Chapter Five