Tiny Hearts
Creator Fruipit
Genre Friendship and humour
Rating G
Language English
Run November 17, 2014 -
Author Fruipit
Guest writer astrarisks (chapter 3)
First chapter Chapter One

Pure and utter Elsanna crack because I can, mostly. Set to be a series of related one-shots that explore student!Anna and animorphic!Elsa's relationship.

Plot Edit

"Anna adopting an adorable white Pomeranian who she loves dearly and who equally loves her back until one day she wakes up confused over the pressure on her stomach and the looming naked figure above her enthusiastically trying to wake her by saying "Anna! Anna! Play with Elsa! Anna! Play!" and Anna just going all "F*ck this isn't what I signed up for"."

Chapters Edit

1. The 'Anna needs love' chapter
2. The 'Anna gets love' chapter
3. The 'what the fuck happened' chapter
4. The 'this is what happened' chapter
5. The 'Elsa can't be left alone' chapter
6. The 'Elsa needs a bath' chapter
7. The 'Elsa needs friends' chapter
8. The 'Elsa has fun' chapter
9. The 'Elsa ruins everything' chapter
10. The 'Murphy's Law' chapter
11. The 'it hits the fan' chapter
12. The 'Kristoff gets payback' chapter
13. The 'Elsa has feelings too' chapter
14. The 'seriously? what is my life?' chapter

Characters Edit

  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Rapunzel
  • Kristoff