It has been 5 years since Anna and Elsa have brought love and peace back to Arendelle. Elsa is having a great time with her powers now that she can control them. Anna and Krisoff have gotten married and live in the Arendelle castle. Olaf loves finally being able to witness summer. But there is some questions to answer. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf are wondering "What happened to Elsa's Ice Castle?". After wondering that question for 3 years, the group decided to team up and take a hike back. Once they were there they would take a little vacation. And Elsa has her own secret wish. " What happened to Marshmallow?" Everyone wanted  to go soon so Elsa decided that the team would go tomarrow. The next day, at exactly 12:00 P. M., the 4 went out on the long hike. They once again encountered the trolls all who were very happy to see them. They once again saw some wolves but the wolves didn't chase them. And finally they saw The North Mountain. Once they got to the castle, they didn't see the boulders that had once been Marshmallow in disguise. Elsa was sad. " He must have died" she thought. But when they stepped inside, Elsa realized she had been wrong. Marshmallow had found her crown that she threw of during "Let It Go" and happily crowned himself king of the castle. He had finally returned to his peacefull form. Everyone was glad when he didn't harm them when they stepped in side. Actually, he was quite joyfull when he saw them. Elsa was very happy when she found out that her ice castle and Marshmallow were OK. So the 4 stayed there for a month then bid farewell knowing that they would come back again.